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    I know that everyone of us wants to have a perfect child. We want our baby to be whole, free from any sickness or disability. But regardless how we tried to be healthy and be careful during our pregnancy, there might still be complications that may arise.


    I had a normal birth to a baby boy. He was overweight weighing 8 pounds, he surely gave the doctors a hard time delivering him specially. Prior the release, he went through some test and everything seemed fine. I was so happy that finally my baby is here. Everything seemed normal while he was growing up but when he hit the age five, we noticed something’s wrong. Though he looks healthy and runs like a tornado around the house, his progress doesn’t match his age. He can’t still speak and does things like a baby. No matter hard we tried to potty train him, he wont just get it. I’m getting frustrated with our everyday routine of cleaning all his mess and I’m so stressed that I feel like giving up. But I’m a mother, I can’t give up on my son. If I will not fight for him, then who would?

    Denial Stage

    Whenever I bring him to my friend’s house, she says that he is over active for that age. She said to have him check just in case. I know she was just concern but I was offended. I know there’s something wrong but wouldn’t want to admit it to myself that my child might be autistic. Finally, I had the courage to take him to a doctor. Everything was normal in terms of physical aspect, my boy is healthy. But the doctor gave me a serious look, there were butterflies in my stomach because I know it would be a bad news. He said that my boy has autism. His IQ is for a three-month old baby, therefore if we deal with this correctly, there is still a high chance that he might be able to speak. He comforted me by saying that autism can be improved and with proper guidance and support, my son still can live a normal life.


    After that visit with the doctor, I was crying. I was asking myself, what did I do wrong? Why my son? I don’t know how I’m going tot tell this to my family and friends that my son is special. But I know that I had to deal with this for the sake of my son. I have to be strong. I finally told my family what’s going on. My mom cried with me and promised that I’ll have her full support. My friends also gave me comforting words. I became stronger knowing that there are people who loved me and my son. Now, my son is showing improvements. At the age of 7, his IQ progressed to 3 years old. I know that is not a good news but every progress he makes I’ll be leaping for joy. I know that he’ll be able to speak at the right time. But for now, he and I got each others back.




    Hi new moms! Welcome to the club. Let me tell you that you are going to an adventure of your life that will never end. If you are pregnant with your first child and don’t know what to do, don’t worry we’ve been there before. So the best person you could turn to is a mother who have gone through it all.

    Drink Lots of Water

    Your body is composed of 70% water, so it make sense that you have to drink plenty of water. Motherhood will require you lots of activities like taking care of your little one, preparing food, house work, and the list continues. If you’re body is dehydrated, you are more prone to stress and depression.

    Prevent Stretch Mark as Early as Possible

    Many will tell you that having stretch marks is inevitable but they’re wrong. Stretch marks can be prevented or at least minimized. If you still want to wear your bikini during summer, prevent it as soon as possible.

    • Use coconut oil  and apply it to your tummy as early as your first trimester.
    • Please resist scratching your stomach by using rough towel. Using rough towel instead of your nails minimize the damage it does to your skin.
    • To prevent holding to much water which is the reason why your tummy becomes unusually big, keep yourself from drinking cold and sweet beverages. This will also prevent you and your baby from being overweight.

    Treat Yourself

    Body changes can be daunting and stressful, so you have to divert your attention by treating yourself. Buy a new dress, bag, or accessories. Being a mother is not an excuse in letting yourself go.

    Involve the Dearest People in Your Life

    You are not alone in this battle. You have your parents, husband, and friends to support you. Make a phone call and let them know how you feel. Knowing that you have people in your life you can count on makes it easier.

    Do Light Exercises

    Pregnancy will prevent your from doing heavy exercises but doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato. When I was pregnant, I usually wear my snickers  and go for walk outside. I bring my phone and headset and listen to pumping songs. Makes me feel a lot better. Again, after every light exercises, don’t forget to drink water.

    Enjoy the Journey

    The last but not the least, embrace motherhood. Everything you are going through right now will reach its end. Sometimes you will even miss them. I remember when I talk to my baby during breaks at work. I really like the feeling that she is with me wherever I go. And when the time has come that I have to go back to work after my maternity leave, I wish that I could put her back to my stomach so she can be with me. Motherhood is both painful and wonderful. Don’t let the challenge overtake you, focus on the wonderful things yet to come. We are here for you.