mother and son

Mothers Deserve More

Mother’s day is the day we appreciate our mothers but they deserve more than just one day. We believe that mothers should be appreciated everyday but since our calendar won’t allow us to celebrate mother’s everyday, then we should rediscover it and remember why we’re doing it.


Our small organization is all about appreciating moms. Rediscover Mother’s Day  Organization also collects funds to donate to those who are struggling raising their babies. We also spread awareness of Postpartum depression among women who just delivered their babies. Many of us think that we are just being moody or cranky buy that is not the case. Women have tendency to go through postpartum depression. It is similar of having trauma. During pregnancy our body goes through series of change. There are times that the body can’t cope up the changes that are happening. If you think your spouse, mom, sister, or friend is suffering from postpartum ask them to consult doctor immediately. For symptoms, visit

Our Partners

We have partnered to other organizations to help empower women and make the society realize that the significance of women are impeccable. We help fight women abuse and discrimination. Aside from rethinking how we should celebrate mother’s day, we also gather funds to help women in need. |   |