women lying grass

Supporting Equality

Motherhood is a challenging journey for women. Being a women doesn’t mean weakness, we are strong and as powerful as men. Rediscover Mother’s Day Organization believe that there should be gender equality everywhere. Discrimination to women is a thing of the past that we should all together forget and never look back. Men and women are created equal, whatever men can do, women can also do.

Women Abuse

Sadly, despite the equality between men and women, we are not exempted to abuse. Violence against women is illegal, and the law is protecting us from these kind of acts. No one should let anybody abuse you. This is our fight against violence. Abuse is not limited to physical abuse, it could be humiliation, isolation, threat, and intimidation. To learn more about abusive acts visit: www.abuse-against-women.com.

Promoting Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is another challenge new mothers today. Mothers should not be ashamed whenever they breast feed their babies but instead be proud. Drinking coming from mammary glands are best for babies up to 2 years old. Though we agree that there is correct place to breast feed, women should be provided the facilities to feed their babies. Mothers of today don’t stay at home, most of us have to work. So it’s only rightful to give mothers some support so they can complete their role as a mother.